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Arcfall Patch Pre-Alpha v0.6

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9 months 2 days ago #410 by neojac
neojac created the topic: Arcfall Patch Pre-Alpha v0.6
In this update we worked more on bug fixing than new content as there was a few major bugs. We did change selling prices on items but that will only effect new items you create.

Bugs Fixed:
- Fixed Collisions on Small House item so it can easily be selected when building.
- Brown Pack Horse Mount effect can now be dispelled
- Bag Window will now close after dying and entering spirit form.
- Wont be able to used bank while in spirit form.
- Clay Item stack limit increased to 999.
- Cyper Wood Quest is not repeatable anymore.
- In game store activated with founders being able to use their Arcfall coin.
- Skill health bug where every time you skill up your health gets reduced has been fixed.
- Fixed collusion problems at the giants so you should not get stuck at the rocks.

New Things:
- Tier 1 and 2 of plate mail added.
- L-Shaped wood house added for players to build on elite Plots.
- First improvement of Mini Map showing icons for places of interest.
- Zone identification added, when you enter a new area the name on minimap will change.

- Following weapons/tools selling price has been adjusted - Wood Axe, Wood Pickaxe, Wood Sword, Wood Shield, Bandit Shield, Stone Sword, Woodcutters Axe.
- Changed Bandits Drop rate
- Changed resources required for some items.
- Woodcutters Axe requires level 16 in Lumberjack to be able to use.
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