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Tax Deed

6 months 3 weeks ago #468 by Krewe
Krewe created the topic: Tax Deed
- You will now only be allowed to add one tax deed at a time and have to wait till that deeds time has run out before you can add another one. The remaining time before the deed slot is open again will be half of the deeds time so you can slowly build up time on a plot and is displayed at the bottom of the deed.

Not certain this is working as intended. Seems to function properly on farms but other lots allow additional deeds to be consumed if you log out and log in again, or use different toons.

The farm will correctly display the tax deed being consumed and prevent additional tax deeds from being added. Other plots allow additional tax deeds to be applied within minutes of one another by relogging. Resulting in a consumed tax deed with no real benefit.

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