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Arcfall Is Not A Gankfest! PvP Is Optional!

7 months 4 days ago #453 by Pesky
Pesky created the topic: Arcfall Is Not A Gankfest! PvP Is Optional!
When I first read about Arcfall, I almost dismissed it as just another open world PvP 'gankfest' (like Albion Online).

But luckily for me, I happened to see a comment from Neojac (one of the developers) explaining in more detail, just how the PvP system in Arcfall will actually work.

As I haven't seen any posts about this subject before and I think it's way too important to ignore, I'm going to re-post that comment from Neojac (originally posted on

The PvP will not be as normal PvP, it will be based on your character's Karma. Doing good deeds gives you good Karma and doing bad deeds gives you bad Karma. Stealing is one of those skills that will give you bad Karma. Now a player can't steal from another player if the other player's Karma is above 80% good. Same goes for PvP type Skills like murder where a player cant kill another player if the others Karma is above 40% good. So players that only want to play PvE will just have to keep their Karma above 40% good, where as players that want to kill others have to keep their Karma below 50% bad. This creates a unique PvP/PvE system where its up to each player what he wants to play in the same world. There is good rewards for those wanting full PvP as well as for those wanting full PvE.

This is a HUGE HUGE deal for folks like me who aren't interested in PvP. It means we can avoid PvP if we want to.

So I just wanted to get this information out there, because I'm seeing many people writing Arcfall off in the mistaken belief that it's just another gankfest.

If this info stays true (and the Dev's don't change their minds) then those of us who don't like PvP but love the PvE features of these sandbox games may have just found a home :)
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7 months 42 minutes ago #458 by neojac
neojac replied the topic: Arcfall Is Not A Gankfest! PvP Is Optional!
We will be doing a news announcement soon covering this PvP system in more detail.

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