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Suggestions after playing for 28 hours +

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7 months 4 weeks ago - 7 months 3 weeks ago #275 by Nazarick
Nazarick created the topic: Suggestions after playing for 28 hours +
I have been pretty active in the game so far and understand that there are plans to fix and add more important things in the game, but here are some of my suggestions

  • + Enhanced skill leveling

  • Every time you level up a skill that aquires a material, such as lumberjacking or mining, you either gather that material slightly faster, or lose durability slightly slower on your main hand item (axe, pickaxe, etc...) Another suggestion for this implementation would be that starting from level 0 woodcutting, after 25 levels you have a chance to gain 1 extra wood per swing. Since you normally gain 2 wood per swing no matter what level woodcutting you have, and you can cut the tree 5 times before it disappears, equating to 10 logs per tree. With this chance to gain an extra log every so often, it can average out to 12-13 logs on average if it is a 50% chance to gain an extra log with every cut. After 50 levels you have a 100% guaranteed chance to gain an extra log per swing. meaning 15 logs per tree. This would continue on even into the later levels. To balance this, you have to be 25 levels above the resource's requirement that you are trying to gather from. (Scenario) You need to be level 105 in order to gain the bonuses of your previous levels before cutting Oak. Since Oak trees require you to be level 80 to cut. That way players won't be able to get a mass amount of a new resource they have never gathered from before [/size]

  • + Campfires/Camping

  • Add a chance to gain flint from rocks that you mine and add the ability to create campfires out of stone and any type of wood that will slowly recover your health over time based on the level of your camping/survival skill. This can also be used as portable/temporary cooking station where you can place a pot on top to cook higher tier foods. Also would add the ability to gain charcoal from the residue of a campfire once the fire has dissipated. [/size]

  • + Slotted weapons, tools, and armors

  • Adds the ability to find gems from ores or rocks that you mine or you can create them using alchemy, these gems would go into weapons, tools, or armor that had a socket available, which could increase attack speed, health, strength, weight, etc. [/size]

  • + RNG based weapons, tools, and armor stats

  • Items that you find that have dropped from enemies may have randomized stats, such as +2 strength from a sword or gloves, slightly higher or lower damage than it would have normally when it is crafted [/size]

  • + Dual wielding a wand, sword, or spell-book interchangeably

  • Able to dual wield two swords, a sword and a spell-book, or a wand and a sword to add more depth to the combat system, this would allow someone to level both mage and sword skills, and use both abilities. It would also allow for using magic at long range and then switching to melee at close range. [/size]

  • + Fist weapon skill

  • Addition of a new skill tree and item set to allow fist items into the game, creating more diversity and options for combat [/size]

  • + Throwing item skill

  • Addition of another new skill tree and item sets, adding weapons such as shuriken, throwing knives, daggers, darts, bombs, etc.

  • + Auction house

  • Addition of a new system that allows players to visit an area where players post the items they want to sell and set their own price on them, the items can either be instantly bought and sent to their inventory or a message can be sent to the owner of the item that notifies them that someone wishes to purchase their item.

  • + Armor defense mastery (Heavy armor, leather, cloth)

  • [/i][/sub]The more you use armor and get hit by an enemy, the more the skill levels up. Some items now require a certain armor defense mastery before they can be equipped. The higher this skill is, the less damage enemies will be able to do to you

  • + Enhanced stats on crafted items

  • Blacksmith and tailoring levels now have a chance to add effects to armor, weapons, shields, etc. This could be higher armor rating or damage related to a higher blacksmith or tailoring level and even add more stats like strength, endurance, and intelligence +2 (just a scenario). With this implementation, this would allow specialization of certain skills to be more beneficial for players, creating a more player driven economy as sort of a job system.
    The items crafted would not be guaranteed to have these stats, the quality of the item would be based on RNG and higher skill level.

  • + Ability to dismantle items for materials

  • This would allow players progressing into the blacksmith skill able to dismantle items for their materials, this would be more useful than simply selling a broken item or repairing it if they do not want to, this would go well with a scribe based skill where you can use these materials to create recipes yourself instead of buying them from NPCs.

  • + Ability to use items to scribe/make recipes

  • Cartography/scribe skill that allows players to create their own recipes based on what items they put into a scribe desk (placeholder name). A recipe list will be shown but all recipes will be covered by ??? until the recipe is discovered through using the materials used to create the targeted item. You may use an ingredient in a scribe desk to discover what recipe the ingredient can be used in at the cost of the item. This action can increase your skill level. Once you discover a recipe it will be shown in the recipe list. Scribes can also use chicken feathers to create quills/enchanted quills. And they can also use ink to create these recipes. Scribes may also have a chance to add stats or effects to an item recipe at higher levels.

  • + Ability to buy bank slots with gold

  • Ability to buy bank chest slots with accumulated gold (Amount not determined)

  • + Moving fully built houses without having them destroyed

  • Allows players to fully move their house and all belongings without the risk of losing their house and having to rebuild it. This could help players who had accidentally placed their house in the wrong spot, useful in cases of plot sharing.

  • + Creation of vendor stalls

  • Ability to buy a merchant contract, which will allow players to rent a vendor stall and sell their wares as a regional marketplace. This would take out the need for an Auction house, especially when you can teleport to different towns and cities later in the game. There will be a command that you can type/press that will open up a menu similar to an auction house, but only shows where an item is being sold. Then the player will see an indication of where to go to find the item that is being sold by others. (Or you could implement a message board in town that will show this menu)

  • + Coin acquisition
  • [/b]
    Many players have asked why things only sell for 1 copper in this game, which is understandable since it is not common in other games, which people might not be happy with because we are not used to it. The reason we would want to keep this is because it would allow more player interaction, meaning you wouldn't want to sell everything you receive for the minimum of 1 copper each, it would encourage player interaction by making it so you would want to sell those items to other players. This is the true form of a player driven economy, since it would decrease our reliance on NPCs.

  • + Rain cycle
  • [/b]
    Addition of a new cycle that can occur randomly. With the implementation of a daily day and night cycle (I know that it is in the works), there is a random chance during each full day/night cycle to have rain. During this time the rain could water all of your crops without the need for water from a well. This should be balanced to be rare enough so that players cannot rely on this method to continuously water their crops.

  • + Aggressive monsters at nighttime
  • [/b]
    Allow certain monsters, or all monsters to gain more aggressive behavior ( gain a buff during the nighttime cycle, such as slightly increased health and damage, and perhaps increased aggro range) for the duration of the night. The monsters during the night, along with being more powerful can give more experience/better loot.

  • + Ability to dye gear
  • [/b]
    Adds items in the game that can change the color appearance of gear. These items could be acquired through different skills, such as from mining, gathering, ect. (Scenario) Able to use gathering to acquire berries and leaves that can be turned into dyes, or mining different minerals to ground up into powders to be used in dyes.

    If you have any questions or concerns please reply in the comments below
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    7 months 4 weeks ago - 7 months 4 weeks ago #276 by jasconine
    jasconine replied the topic: Suggestions after playing for 28 hours +
    Love the ideas. Looks in-depth and well thoughtout.

    Dismantling is a great idea that allows for partials and potentially research which leads to more possibilities.

    More bank slots is good as the 20 bank limit atm is severly restrictive for gatherers.

    The Auction House would be useful and help fuel a player driven economy.

    For campfires, do you have to stay near it to get the Hot? What is the duration and level of the HoT?

    Many more ideas that are inspired by this =D
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    7 months 4 weeks ago - 7 months 4 weeks ago #278 by Nazarick
    Nazarick replied the topic: Suggestions after playing for 28 hours +
    Thank you for taking the time to read and appreciate all of the ideas posted here ^^

    As for your question on campfires, you would have to stay near them for the healing to go into affect and the duration and healing level would be dependent on the type of wood logs used and the level of your camping/survival skill.
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    7 months 4 weeks ago #279 by Mackie
    Mackie replied the topic: Suggestions after playing for 28 hours +
    Looks nice lets get some of this going ....


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    7 months 4 weeks ago - 7 months 4 weeks ago #281 by CalVarrus
    CalVarrus replied the topic: Suggestions after playing for 28 hours +
    Lots of great suggestions. Good stuffs!

    The only one I really disagree with is moving fully built houses and belongings. I think its imperative for there to be risk/reward. The moment players are allowed to just toss down a house and build it occupying beginner spots or key spots then move after they have basically grinded out an area puts other players at a disadvantage.

    I think forcing players to chose a specific location that is permanent creates depth and a level of risk to Arcfall. You should need to carefully consider where you plant roots.

    A way around this is allow free world camping sites maybe. Allow us to craft lean-to or tents out in the world that can help us when we are grind resources.
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    7 months 4 weeks ago #290 by sir0die
    sir0die replied the topic: Suggestions after playing for 28 hours +
    I think that the bank slots should be purchasable with cash shop money. After all they need a way to generate real world income from the game.

    If a player needs/wants more storage, the need to invest in a plot, and place chests on it. and save their bank slots for their prized possessions that they don't want to risk being stolen.

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