There will be different races to choose from when you create your Avatar. Each race has attributes that makes it unique to other races. The most common race is Humans who heal faster than most races.

As Arcfall is a skill based system, where every action you do increases your skill, you can create any type of class. Be it a specific class where all your skills are built towards it or a hybrid of a class where you mix in certain skills, each player will be unique. Some players can specialize in crafting, while others can be healers or warriors.

Combat is fluent and takes you back to the old school games, where combining different abilities can have different outcomes. With a full loot drop system, combat is very competitive. Just make sure to get back to your body after your spirit is released within said time or someone else will be able to loot it.


You can own land in Arcfall by purchasing a claim directly from a sign on the property if it is for-sale. Once you have purchased the land, opening the claim interface will allow you to build on the land.

As housing will exist in the persistent world as well as instanced, there will be a limited amount of lots to choose from in the persistent world. With each lot, there is an in-game currency tax which must be paid within a certain time period or the lot reverts to being for sale. Tax on the property can be extended through the claim interface with in-game currency.  There are different categories of properties; mainly residential, keep and castle.

Farming consists of owning a plot. Using seeds, you can plant crops on the land through the claim interface. Crops grow over a period of time and require resources to grow. Once a crop has matured, you can harvest the crop which can produce resources or seeds. Farming with animals works on a similar fashion, you will raise a animal in a pen and once grown, it will spawn an adult version which you can harvest or use as pets and mounts.


Arcfall has a unique crafting system. Crafting is dependent on a player's skill level, as well as if they know the said recipe. Recipes can be bought from different Merchants in different towns. The island's tier will determine what recipes are sold at the Merchant.

There are many different skills associated with crafting stations.  Each item a player crafts will give experience in that skill. Once they have gained enough experience in the skill, they will level the skill up. Currently, a player can level a skill up to level 100.

Once a player has crafted a set amount of items, they can place the items on the auction house or trade directly with other players. Resources to craft items are gathered from the world. Sepcific resouces will be spawned on an island depending on an island's tier.

Crafting can be a very lucrative profession for players, especialy in a guild, so make sure to support the crafters in your guild.

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