LatestNews PageTitle LatestNews 29/08/2020   Pre-Alpha 6.1 Update
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As we are still in per-alpha it allows us to make major changes as we see fit to improve the game further. With this update we have removed all non-instanced housing and moved towards instanced player housing only. This allows players to place down more object thus giving more freedom on designing their homestead. Each player will have access to different biom kingdoms where they can settle down and build. This opens up new possibilities like adding in player owned dungeons. We have also improved graphics quality on some zones and increase view distance to Oceano Zone. As we continue to move towards Alpha release more systems will get polished and more content will be added. Below is a list of current fixes and new content that was added to this patch:

Settings Changes :

- Graphic Option settings are now loaded and re-applied upon starting the game
- Added Inverse Mouse look option under Camera
- Added Hardware Cursor option (Experimental: because moving items still uses the old system of rendering)
- Added Lock Cursor to window option
- Added new graphic options
- Display Mode options (Exclusive Fullscreen / Windowed Fullscreen / Windowed)
- Refresh Rate option
- Frame Rate Cap (Requires Vsync off)


- Current Armour crafted will now have a chance to drop better quality versions. Those items will bind on Equip.
- Added new building system which allows players to build walls , foundations and so forth instead of just a full pre-made building allowing more customized designs.
- New Player Kingdom Oceano Biom island added.
- Skinning Knifes added, players will now require to have a Skinning Knife Equipped to skin a dead mob.
- New Build Objects which is linked to a category, A claim can only have a set amount of each Category on it so plan carefully.
- Some build objects will require additional stages to be build, when picking the object up it will refund 50% of the resources which was used to build it past the first stage.
- New low level Crab mob added to Oceano Beaches.
- Rapid Transport NPC added to Player Kingdom Islands so a player can freely travel back to main world using the anchor or use Rapid Transport NPC to travel to a specific zone.


- Fixed Oils crafted in Alchemy to use lower level Potion Mixture.
- Removed all world plots and added points of interest to the places they use to be. With these new points of interest new mobs has been placed as well as new quests added.
- Increase Item Count text size which will display the amount of items on a stack better.
- Increased most UI elements Text size for better reading.
- Upgraded Oceano look and feel with more environment items added, new ambient sounds added for areas like hearing the ocean when close to it or underwater effects when swimming underwater.
- Build Objects will not have a weight to allow the player to carry many.
- Inventory Items will now display their quality with a edge coloured according to what quality.

Bug Fixes:

- Modified Tooltips for Inventory / Character / Bank and Mail slots to display missing item properties as well as display the new bound properties. Inventory Items will now display their quality with a edge coloured according to what quality.

Server Changes:

- "Quest Bug": Quest and Faction system has been optimized, calls have been reduced from 10000 each request to 100
this should include less information send to the client and thus should result in not being kicked upon login.
- Mounted Combat is now disabled, you are not able to cast abilities while mounted.
- Mounting is disabled for certain instances
- Implemented soulbound / account bound system
- Implemented Claim refund system for deleting and refunding players their objects and taxes.
- Modified mailing system to properly split items across multiple mails if they exceed the current 5 items per mail limit.
- Modified mailing system to send item properties to client in order to display them.

Known issues:

- Mobs can appear to be neutral and will not display the attack icon when hover the mouse but are still able to be attacked when interacted with.
This is likely a side effect of the optimization done server side and requires more investigation.
- Ocean Sound effects is not linked to the sound settings thus can not be turned off.

 LatestNews PageTitle LatestNews 19/01/2020   Pre-Alpha 5.3 Update
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We concentrated on fixings a few major bugs in this patch which we hope has the quest bug fixed where a players character would get broken and be disconnected on login. If your character was broken like that please let us know if its still broken. As we have had some problems with recovering your body after you died, we have removed inventory drop on death. This is just a temporary setting as we role out our new death system.

New Things :

- Added 4 craft chests which players can craft for extra storage on their plot of land.
- Added 5 new storage chests to the shop to purchase.
- Added spellbooks up to level 60 Blueprints.
- Damage Type indicators is added corresponding to what type of damage is dealt and what type of resistance will relieve that damage done.

Fixed Items:

- Deactivated auto attack when you cast the sleep ability as it use to then stop the effect right after its cast.
- Changed Primary stat gain for magery to potential as that's whats used to increase mage spell damage and removed willpower increase.
- increase Player starter stat for potential to 10 instead of 5.
- Removed dismantling of Used Spell book as you can also purchase it from merchant and some players was converting their gold by buying the book and dismantling it for crafting currency.
- Combined World map and Minimap, so pressing M now will increase the Minimap size and allow you to pan the world while still seeing your position. We also revamped the Oceano map to show all crafting station/merchant locations on the map. Other zones will be following later.
- Fixed some abilities like Mind Eye, Fire Ring, Ice Shield, Frost Shield, War Cry which was not requiring a weapon to activate to now require a weapon to activate.
- If your character was broken and you where immediately disconnected or could not interact with NPC's , we might have fixed it as it was linked to Quests. Please let us know if your character is still broken.
- Weapon Experience is no longer granted by using skills, players cannot spam buffs any longer to easy level their skills.
- Added a fix for players getting kicked upon login related to questing, let us know if this still happens for you.


- All current armors stats has been increase and revamped to balance better in combat and make wearing them worth it.
- Sword Attack speed has been increased so swords attack now faster than before.
- Buffs of the same ranks will no longer stack, trying to apply a lower rank buff while a higher rank buff is active will result in a error.
- Weapon Damage is no longer used in the damage formula for most abilities and is only applied for auto-attacks.


- Auction house is no longer available until a suitable replacement is found
- Player inventory is not longer dropped on death until we make changes to the death system.
- Looting and generating of items has been changed on the server and should result in reduced lag looting for mobs, if this issue still persists please let us know.
- Updated Unity client build from .NET 3.x to NET 4.x if something is broken that wasn't broken before please let us know.
 LatestNews PageTitle LatestNews 29/06/2019   Pre-Alpha 3 Update
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This update we did not get everything in we hoped but allot of the stuff that's in is major features which required allot of work. We hope you enjoy the new features. The items which did not make it into the update from the Roadmap will be moved to the next update.

New Things :

- Added Cooking Skill Abilities.
- Added food bar to Player Portrait as well as icons for weight bar to make it more clear.
- New Bank Tab and extra Bank Slots added.
- New Crafting Currencies added which you can gain from dismantling certain items and can use in repairing certain items.
- Dismantling and repair items has been added.
- 3 Additional House sizes added to store.
- New Cooking Blueprints added
- New Infused Ore Blueprints added for mining.
- Mob levels added to health bar so players can see their levels easily.
- 5 new Axe Tool Blueprints added.
- 5 new Hammer Tool Blueprints added.

Fixed Items:

- Skill Interface has been made smaller to decrease clutter on the screen.
- Fix Group Members Interface to use proper Graphics


- Temp disabled all Conjured Tools till we re-work the system.

 LatestNews PageTitle LatestNews 27/04/2019   Pre-Alpha 2.52.2 Update
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This is a small patch to gradually add in more resource nodes as well as extra housing plots. We also fixed the bug where you would auto be toggled to PvP and a few other bugs. We are currently working on a new storage system which will change how storage is handled and fix the problem with slots as well as some inventory bugs.

New Things :

- Added extra 19 house plots.
- Add new resource nodes on new islands including copper and water nodes.

Fixed Items:

- Fixed PvP button to not auto toggle players PvP.
- Fixed description on Mounts in store.
- Plots now have a limit on how many chests can be placed on them with bigger plots allowing more chests.
- Chests are now only allowed to be placed on tables outside or inside a house on the floor and not allowed any more to be placed on the ground outside. Those who have chests down already on the ground will still work fine.
- Speed Buffs has been fixed so they do no longer percentage stack onto a player which ended up allowing players to move at non regular speeds, which would break the server. Instead they have a set percentage based on the base speed of a player.


- Water Drops from mobs have been increased.

 LatestNews PageTitle LatestNews 30/03/2019   Pre-Alpha 2.50 Update
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This was a small update as most work was done on the back end. We added blueprints that was missing as well as a new small island.

New Things :

- Added 15 Missing blueprints to various vendors.
- Added in 5 new Skeleton Mobs.
- Added New island Skell Ridge to increase game play on it.

Fixes Done:

- Fixed Female Character off-hand slot so bows are equipped properly.
- Fixed Housing Plot for sale price to show/have a min price you are allowed to sell the plot as it was creating a bug if set to 0.
- Fixed Claims Permissions Interface.

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