LatestNews PageTitle LatestNews 29/06/2019   Pre-Alpha 3 Update
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This update we did not get everything in we hoped but allot of the stuff that's in is major features which required allot of work. We hope you enjoy the new features. The items which did not make it into the update from the Roadmap will be moved to the next update.

New Things :

- Added Cooking Skill Abilities.
- Added food bar to Player Portrait as well as icons for weight bar to make it more clear.
- New Bank Tab and extra Bank Slots added.
- New Crafting Currencies added which you can gain from dismantling certain items and can use in repairing certain items.
- Dismantling and repair items has been added.
- 3 Additional House sizes added to store.
- New Cooking Blueprints added
- New Infused Ore Blueprints added for mining.
- Mob levels added to health bar so players can see their levels easily.
- 5 new Axe Tool Blueprints added.
- 5 new Hammer Tool Blueprints added.

Fixed Items:

- Skill Interface has been made smaller to decrease clutter on the screen.
- Fix Group Members Interface to use proper Graphics


- Temp disabled all Conjured Tools till we re-work the system.

 LatestNews PageTitle LatestNews 27/04/2019   Pre-Alpha 2.52.2 Update
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This is a small patch to gradually add in more resource nodes as well as extra housing plots. We also fixed the bug where you would auto be toggled to PvP and a few other bugs. We are currently working on a new storage system which will change how storage is handled and fix the problem with slots as well as some inventory bugs.

New Things :

- Added extra 19 house plots.
- Add new resource nodes on new islands including copper and water nodes.

Fixed Items:

- Fixed PvP button to not auto toggle players PvP.
- Fixed description on Mounts in store.
- Plots now have a limit on how many chests can be placed on them with bigger plots allowing more chests.
- Chests are now only allowed to be placed on tables outside or inside a house on the floor and not allowed any more to be placed on the ground outside. Those who have chests down already on the ground will still work fine.
- Speed Buffs has been fixed so they do no longer percentage stack onto a player which ended up allowing players to move at non regular speeds, which would break the server. Instead they have a set percentage based on the base speed of a player.


- Water Drops from mobs have been increased.

 LatestNews PageTitle LatestNews 30/03/2019   Pre-Alpha 2.50 Update
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This was a small update as most work was done on the back end. We added blueprints that was missing as well as a new small island.

New Things :

- Added 15 Missing blueprints to various vendors.
- Added in 5 new Skeleton Mobs.
- Added New island Skell Ridge to increase game play on it.

Fixes Done:

- Fixed Female Character off-hand slot so bows are equipped properly.
- Fixed Housing Plot for sale price to show/have a min price you are allowed to sell the plot as it was creating a bug if set to 0.
- Fixed Claims Permissions Interface.

 LatestNews PageTitle LatestNews 23/03/2019   Pre-Alpha 2.49 Update
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This patch, we have added in two new islands and some new skills and mobs. We still have some work to be done on the new islands, but with housing and the added resource nodes, we hope it will increase game play considerably.

New Things :

- Added 7 new crafting items and blueprints
- Added new housing island Barlon
- Added Tier 2 resource island Glandine
- Added new Mobs: Frogs, Big Rats, Black Bear, Fire Imp, Water Imp, Ground Crawler, Ground Crawler Mother
- Added new resources: Cotton, Wet root
- Housing system added
- Furniture Props added to store
- Farming system added
- Added dialogue to all NPC's
- Added Hewing Abilities Effects
- Added Excavating Abilities Effects
- Added Bowmaking Abilities Effects
- Updated Fletching Abilities as they are now only crafting abilities.
- Added in Archery Weapon and abilities, Bow says it requires Arrows, but it is not implemented, so the bow doesn't use arrows, but arrows increase damage currently.

Fixed Items:

- Fixed trading panel slots to show all items.
- Fixed Forest Imp Portrait
- Removed All Quests due to a bug
- Changed World Map to be more detailed
- Fixed Durability being taken of a weapon when skinning

 LatestNews PageTitle LatestNews 23/03/2019   Website Update
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We are pleased to release our new website. We hope with this update, we will have an added way to communicate with our player base. As the game grows, the website will also grow with new content and different ways we can help our player base.

Thanks to you all for your support finding bugs and playing Arcfall. We woudl not have been able to get this far if it was not for the community standing by us all the way.

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